Kaara Dyke


Kaara Dyke is the Broker/Owner of 37:4 Property Company LLC and has been practicing real estate since 2013. After graduating from Texas A&M University in College Station in 2001, she went to work for a large commercial real estate company called Shafer Property Company in Dallas. It was there that her passion for real estate took root. But it was only after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years was she able to pursue that dream and immerse herself in the residential real estate industry.

Over the years Kaara has also been able to use her love for construction and real estate in her endeavors to renovate, "flip" properties, and build new custom homes with the help of her co-partners at Screen Door Properties LLC. Her plans for the future are to expand into commercial real estate and also property management. When she's not selling houses or working with buyers to find a home, you can most likely find Kaara on a baseball field somewhere watching her 2 boys play baseball or in the stands watching her daughter play her various sports. She and her husband, Jason, also own Genesis Fence company that has been in business since 2005.

You can contact Kaara by calling 469-450-5919 or by emailing her at 374propertycompany@gmail.com.